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So, They Reported.

Happy Almost-Spring-Training, a time when players and fans of every team in the league start chugging the new year's allotment of Optimist Juice (or Optimist Juice Lite, in Felix's case). It's a time for excitement, a time for enthusiasm, and a time for crappy players to have a few hot weeks and hope they're able to slide onto the roster without getting arrested for fraud.

For the record, I'm not much for Pitchers & Catchers, but I understand why so many people take it as a cause for celebration. If you're one of them, congratulations, it's officially a brand new season. For the rest of us, God damn, April, hurry the hell up already.


I don't have anything else to say right now, so I'll point you to the best news of the week:

The Angels and FSN West took a serious bite out of Steve Physioc's and Rex Hudler's air time, announcing Wednesday that a second broadcast team of Jose Mota and former big-league pitcher Mark Gubicza will work 50 of the team's 150 telecasts on FSN West and Channel 13.

Physioc and Hudler will return for their eighth season but will work 100 games, down from 150 games last season.

If what the principal in Billy Madison said is true, and people can really get dumber for having heard other stupid people talk, then Hudler and Physioc could go a long way towards explaining why it was only Angel fans who took offense to the trash-talking post from a few days ago that, to me, was pretty clearly a long-winded insult of the Mariners. Nevermind the potential implications of this story for subscribers; the fact that Mota and Gubicza couldn't possibly be as godawful as the Wonder Twins gives us all hope that the next generation of Angel fans might be 33% less feeblemindedly hypersensitive than the current breed. The risk/reward of this broadcast switch is phenomenal, for everyone.