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Spreading Some Holiday Cheer

Unless something happens with the team, I don't think I'm going to be around much until later in the week, so in light of the whole Silva thing, here's a look at all the 2008 Mariner bullpen candidates to lift your spirits.


JJ Putz (totally awesome)
George Sherrill (.553 OPS against)
Sean Green (3.23 GB/FB)
EOF (.482 OPS against vs. lefties)
RRS (9.8 K/9)
Brandon Morrow (9.4 K/9) (he shouldn't be in the bullpen but whatever)
Mark Lowe (dominant fastball/slider/changeup combo when healthy)
Kam Mickolio (9.2 K/9 between AA/AAA, 95+ fastball)
RA Dickey (knuckleball weeeeeeeee)
Sean White (good fastball, tons of grounders when he's going well)
Jon Huber (Sean Green + command - a few grounders)
Random Veteran/Horacio Ramirez (mop-up)

This bullpen rocks.

Have a great time doing whatever it is you do these next few days.