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Why Carlos Silva Isn't Totally Awesome

I'm stealing Matthew's idea and running with it.

(2005-2007 statistics)


Silva: 9.6%
Towers: 13.7%


Silva: 2.9%
Towers: 4.3%


Silva: 3.5%
Towers: 3.6%


Silva: 67%
Towers: 68%

1st pitch strike%

Silva: 67%
Towers: 66%

Swinging strike%

Silva: 8%
Towers: 11%

Line Drive%

Silva: 20%
Towers: 20%


Silva: 47%
Towers: 43%


Silva: 33%
Towers: 37%

HR/FB% (park-adjusted by THT)

Silva: 14%
Towers: 13%


Silva: 4.76
Towers: 4.71


Silva: 4.63
Towers: 4.54

Platoon split

Silva: +.102 OPS vs. lefties
Towers: -.016 vs. lefties



Silva: $44m/4yr
Towers: pretty much nothing


Carlos Silva is better than Josh Towers when it comes to:

-avoiding walks, getting groundballs, facing righties

Carlos Silva is the same as Josh Towers when it comes to:

-throwing strikes, throwing first-pitch strikes, allowing home runs, allowing line drives

Carlos Silva is worse than Josh Towers when it comes to:

-missing bats, getting strikeouts, facing lefties

One of these pitchers was considered to be the best FA starter on the market. The other got non-tendered. Objectively speaking, they're pretty much equivalents, as the differences between them essentially balance out (that is, while it's good that Silva gets more grounders, Towers makes up for that by missing more bats).

In looking to address their rotation, the Mariners were presented with a choice: go after the name, the established, steady arm held in high regard, or go after someone else every bit as good, but who comes at a tiny fraction of the cost.

They, of course, chose the former, because they suck at pitcher evaluation.

This move is a waste. Yeah, Silva makes the team better. But so would a lot of other guys, and a lot of other guys wouldn't cost us nearly as much in terms of money or years. It's like walking into a grocery store in Beverly Hills and paying $4 for a Coke when there's a $0.25 vending machine for sweet, delicious, always-smooth Select cola right outside the door. The Mariners are throwing money away because they don't know any better.

That's why this sucks.