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All Bargain Basement Team

Horacio Ramirez is still a Mariner for reasons humans are not yet fully equipped to understand. Tug Hulett is pretty much like the whitest guy I've ever seen in my life. As a distraction from those topics, I present to you the best* 25-man roster I could come up with using lists of both today's non-tenders and current minor league free agents.

C: Johnny Estrada
1B: Val Pascucci
2B: Aaron Miles
SS: Adam Everett
3B: Justin Leone dammit
LF: Jason Lane
CF: Jorge Piedra
RF: Kevin Mench
DH: Craig Wilson

Bench C: Miguel Olivo
Bench 2B/SS: JJ Furmaniak
Bench 1B/3B: Mike Kinkade
Bench OF: Willie Harris
Bench PR: Jason Tyner

SP: Mark Prior
SP: Josh Towers
SP: Brandon Claussen
SP: Adam Pettyjohn
SP: Colby Lewis

LRP: Mark Hendrickson
LRP: Brad Thomas
RRP: Matt Wise
RRP: Brad Salmon
RRP: Brian Bass
RRP: Scott Patterson

*-until I got tired of looking

The fact that this team might be every bit as good as San Francisco is, um, wellllll...