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Kuroda Not Yet Committed

From Baker and the East Valley Tribune:

Japanese free agent right-hander Hiroki Kuroda is on the move, but reports he has chosen the Los Angeles Dodgers are inaccurate, sources said.

Kuroda, a prime Diamondbacks' target, left for Los Angeles on Wednesday morning Japanese time amid reports he has chosen the Dodgers.

Kuroda, however, told Japanese news services that he was flying to Los Angeles to confer with his agent, Steve Hilliard, who is based in San Diego.

"I still haven't narrowed down which team I will play for," Kuroda told Japanese news outlets before leaving from Narita airport. "My agent is in Los Angeles, so I don't know anything until I get there and meet him."

Why This Is Good: We may not have to live in fear of Plan B after all.

Why This Is Bad: Plan A is a boring old biddy.