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Some Network Voting Results

Might as well get caught up on this stuff, since I won't have time to get to the Raul Ibanez community projection review until tomorrow.

AL bloggers voted for AL awards, while JV bloggers voted for JV awards...

Rookie of the Year

American League: Dustin Pedroia won by a landslide over Jeremy Guthrie, Brian Bannister, Daisuke Matsuzaka, and Simon Birch (with a few other guys getting a vote or three at the bottom). I voted for Pedroia/Guthrie/Matsuzaka, since Bannister wasn't good.

National League: Ryan Braun beat Troy Tulowitzki, who demolished Hunter Pence, who annihilated Kevin Kouzmanoff, who edged out a handful of other guys. Me, I would've flip-flopped first and second place, but then, I'm a guy who values defense, while Ryan Braun is not.

Manager of the Year

American League: Manager of the Year is a really, really, really stupid award. Eric Wedge won. Hilariously, an AL East blogger gave John McLaren a vote for second place while ignoring Mike Hargrove entirely. Whatevs.

National League: Manager of the Year is a really, really, really stupid award. Bob Melvin won. Pythagoras must be rolling in his burial urn.

Cy Young

American League: CC Sabathia dominated with 13 first-place votes, well ahead of Josh Beckett's three, John Lackey's two, and Fausto Carmona's one. My choices were Sabathia, Beckett, and Erik Bedard. I don't think Sabathia should've won by as much as he did, since neither he nor Beckett did anything to separate himself from the other, but I suspect people were motivated by a desire to pre-emptively butt heads with the mainstream media. When given a choice between two equal entities, I think bloggers will generally favor the one that's less popular. I bet this entire network listens to Wilco.

National League: 21 ballots were submitted. Every single one of them began with "Jake Peavy". This truly was a battle for runner-up, which Brandon Webb won by a fair margin over Brad Penny, John Smoltz, and a grip of other clowns. Personally, I think you could make a pretty convincing case that Webb and Smoltz were actually a little better than Peavy this year (Webb was somehow left off of three ballots, while Smoltz was left off of 18), but whatever, flipping a tizzy over the National League Cy Young is like getting upset at the All Star rosters in the PCL.