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1986 Mariners: Worldbeaters

11/27: 4-0 win (@ Fenway)

11/28: 7-3 win (@ Fenway)

11/29: 5-4 win (@ Fenway)

Ordinarily these updates are just going to be a weekly thing, but running the win streak up to five with a sweep of Curt Schilling's Red Sox on their own turf is something of a special occasion.

Mark Langston, Mike Moore, and Mike Morgan? 25 innings, six runs, two complete games. In a hitter's park, against one of the best offenses in the league. That's how you step it up. Didn't even have to rely on Ken Phelps' awesomeness to pull this one out, which is a welcome change. This was just Seattle stomping on Boston's balls. When asked for comment, Schilling made a lot of polarizing remarks and gained twelve pounds.

The best part? Protecting a 5-4 in the bottom of the ninth last night (Wade Boggs' slow legs kept him at third on what could've been a game-tying double), Pete Ladd came in with two outs and two men in scoring position and struck out Jim Rice on three pitches. Hall of Famer my ass. And to make things 100% awesomer, Ladd was drafted by the Red Sox in 1977. Revenge is a dish best served by a generic middle reliever.

(Fun note: in real life, Rice was 6-11 against Ladd with two home runs.)

Will we look back on this at the end of the year as the highlight of the season? Almost certainly yes. But what a highlight.