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Community Projection: Jarrod Washburn

The twelfth in a non-alphabetical and irregularly updated series of review pieces for each of the players we predicted last winter. (All entries are linked in the left-hand sidebar, below the Rotoworld stuff and the interviews.)

LL/USSM Community: 191.1 IP, 4.76 RA, 4.81 FIP (n=85)
Actual Line: 193.2 IP, 4.74 RA, 4.73 FIP

Closest Projection: Sportswhiz, 4.73 RA, 4.74 FIP

Behold the veteran pitcher about whom there is absolutely nothing interesting to say. When you're that easy to project, you're boring. So in lieu of extended commentary, here's Dschinghis Khan.

Washburn is a flyball, contact pitcher who survives by means of magic. He will continue to survive by means of magic until he doesn't, at which point he'll be a ticking time bomb just weeks away from having to find a new line of work. Halfway through an expensive contract, all we can do is hope that Washburn's magic machine doesn't break down for another two seasons. Wait, what's that say there by the dial? "Made In America"? Uh oh.