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You Can Take The Playoffs Out Of David Eckstein, But...

Every year. Every single year there's one of them. Who's going to be our scrappy little white dynamo in October 2007? Lead the way, Rick Sutcliffe.

The Chicago Cubs have that type of player you want in the postseason: Ryan Theriot.

Lou Piniella saw Theriot busting his butt in spring training, but he was pressing for a couple of weeks. Piniella told Theriot he was on the team and he needed to just let the game come to him. Piniella talks about having certain types of players who are winners, and Theriot is that kind of player.
When the Cubs need someone on base or to ake a play made in the field, Theriot usually makes something happen.
But players like Theriot usually are difference makers in the postseason -- someone who steps up and steals the attention from the big boys.

Rick Sutcliffe once showed up drunk in the Padres' announcer booth talking about Africa and George Clooney.

Ryan Theriot sucks. He's essentially a 5% better version of Nick Punto, which is only a compliment in the way that Carlos Mencia being 5% more attractive than Benicio del Toro is a compliment. He's fine in the field but awful at the plate, and if this is the guy the Cubs look to when they need a runner on base, then that says far more about the state of the Cubs than it does about Ryan Theriot.

And on top of that, if Theriot's such a winner, explain this:

2007 Cubs With Theriot: 74-75
2007 Cubs Without Theriot: 11-3

(At this writing, the Cubs are losing Game Two of the NLDS by four in the sixth. Theriot is batting second.)

For the life of me, I'll never understand what makes little white utility infielders so appealing to the mainstream media. Especially now that it's October, when there are a bunch of compelling matchups and increasingly important games every single day. This is the postseason. There are good players. Quit wasting our time with worthless bullshit.