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2007 WPA Final Numbers

No real new information here, but since I compiled all the data over the course of the season, I might as well share it with you. Note that, for the hitters, it's offense-only. Trying to measure defense with WPA is one of the stupider things you can do. Also, note that hitters were not given positive credit if they hit into an error. I charged them with outs, because it doesn't really make sense to reward a guy for someone else's clumsy mistake (this is the biggest reason for deviations between my numbers and Fangraphs').

In case you're unfamiliar with WPA, here's a nice explanation.

And away we go...


Ichiro: 1.646
Beltre: 1.186
Ibanez: 1.122
Clement: 0.897
Morse: 0.676
Betancourt: 0.606
Guillen: 0.398
Broussard: 0.328
Washburn!: 0.078
Jimerson: 0.012
King Felix: 0.005
Johnson: 0.001
Balentien: -0.003
Baek: -0.018
Weaver: -0.025
O'Flaherty: -0.048
Jones: -0.063
Batista: -0.113
Reed: -0.160
Burke: -0.172
Ellison: -0.252
Green: -0.285
Vidro: -0.353
Ballgame: -0.409
Johjima: -0.706
Sexson: -1.210
Lopez: -2.654


Putz: 5.858
King Felix: 1.468
Batista: 1.430
Sherrill: 1.290
Morrow: 0.823
Green: 0.424
O'Flaherty: 0.394
Washburn: 0.265
Davis: 0.226
Huber: 0.161
Lowe: 0.070
Rowland-Smith: 0.070
Woods: -0.059
Parrish: -0.128
Baek: -0.173
Campillo: -0.315
S White: -0.419
R White: -0.493
Mateo: -0.545
Reitsma: -0.767
Feierabend: -1.473
Weaver: -2.507
Ho: -2.552

Since MVP voting goes ten players deep, JJ Putz deserves to get his name on a bunch of ballots. Were it not for his unwavering awesomeness, this team would've been completely and utterly lost.