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Mariner Fan? Bored? Miss Incomparable Despondency?

Take a trip with me back to 1986.

A little while back I was invited to join a Sporting News Strat-O-Matic league - including owners like Curt Schilling, Doug Glanville, and Baseball-Reference's Sean Forman - that over the winter will play out the 1986 baseball season, with results and columns posted on the Sporting News website every day. I accepted the opportunity to run the Mariners before I took a real thorough look at the roster, but if you yearn for the days of Danny Tartabull, Lee Guetterman, and having three managers in one summer, then this should be a lot of fun to watch progress. Being in charge of arguably the worst roster in baseball only means that it'll be that much sweeter when we take the pennant. Or win 70 games. Whichever comes first.

The Mariner season kicks off at home against California in two weeks. I hope you guys have as much fun following the team as I won't have managing it.