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With the continuing the Slow Mariners News Days ...

I figured I'd get something up, at the least to provide a container for your random daily comments.

Keeping things at least dimly Mariner related, according to Ryan Franklin and the Washington Nats are apparently talking, with Franklin still wanting to be a starter:

"The Nationals have shown interest, and I'm showing interest back," Franklin said. "We are not close to anything. We are just talking a little bit. I'm talking to them about starting.

"I think I'm more valuable to a team -- starting-wise -- because I have a rubber arm. I've been known to throw a lot of innings. I enjoy being out there longer than one or two innings. Before last year I threw [almost] 600 innings in three years. I'm looking to getting back to the role.


"I'm not looking to break the bank. I want to be treated fairly. I can't really tell you numbers right now. ... I just want a chance to get back to that starting role and show what I can do -- 200 innings, quality starts and help the team out."

To be fair to the Nats, the story seems more about Franklin being interested in the Nats than vice versa.  I get the impression that Bowden's interest may not be much more than having an assistant return a couple of phone calls.

And if the Nats reporter is scraping this deeply for a story, Nats news must be as scarce as Mariners news.  (Or maybe its just that the Nats are still hung over after the Vidro trade.)


Update [2007-1-5 10:10:13 by Steve Nelson]:

Derek at USS Mariner has an interesting piece looking at available information on whether converting a player to DH from a position affects the players offensive production.