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The Dearth (or Lack) of Mariner News

There has been absolutely zero interesting or new Mariner news three days into the New Year. No silly rumors. No rumored interest in any new free agent(s). I still have a better chance of winning the lottery and have Evangeline Lilly call me to profess her love, on the same night, than Randy Johnson has coming to Seattle (who appears Arizona bound).

There is one new article from John Hickey, which offers nothing in the way of anything news worthy but does suggest that the M's off-season may not be done and has this nugget from Bavasi:

"You're never done," Bavasi said. "As of right now, I think our roster is improved. But we'd like to get better."

How many times have we seen some version of this quote from Bavasi? Bavasi also went on to add that "the sun should come up tomorrow" and "if you hit your hand with a hammer, it will hurt."

Hickey's article screams hollow optimism. Because, well, you can't have the fan base thinking that the team is done or isn't always trying to get better. I, for one, am thrilled that Bavasi is always looking to improve the club. Truthfully, who wouldn't? The guy has shown a tremendous and consistent ability in evaluating players, making quality trades and knowing where to find value free agents in his tenure here. He's still got plenty of time to further dig this team a hole that it won't be able to climb out of before the 2010 season. Keep making us better Bavasi!

But hey, sometimes no news is good news. I can't think of a better application of this cliché.