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KOMO Hot Stove League, 7pm

Last week, the Mariners announced that Dave Sims and Mike Blowers would be joining the Mariners broadcasting team in 2007.

We've been informed that tonight, on the Hot Stove League show on KOMO from 7-9pm, Dave Sims will be one of the guests, along with Sean Green, Jake Woods, Larry Stone from the Times, and former Mariner/coach John Moses.  Though given the weather, who knows if Green and Woods will make it up from Wenatchee or wherever the Mariners Caravan is today.

As part of the weekly Mariners trivia contest, the prize is going to be 4 tickets and parking to Fan Fest, and a gift certificate to either the Greenlake Bar and Grill or the Eastlake Bar and Grill.

I figured if people might be stuck at home listening to the radio tonight, this could be a good chance to heckle the new announcer and win some fabulous prizes.  Or something.

Feel free to turn this into a "game thread" about the snow (not JT Snow), or the salary arbitration games various teams are playing, or Lyle Overbay, or whatever.