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9/9: Open Game Thread

First Pitch: 6:05pm PDT


Matthews CF Ichiro CF Young SS Snelling RF Teixeira 1B Betancourt SS Lee LF Ibanez LF DeRosa 3B Sexson 1B Blalock DH Broussard DH Kinsler 2B Johjima C Barajas C Lopez 2B Cruz RF Ballgame 3B ---------- ----------

Tejeda (4-3, 5.82)          Washburn (8-13, 4.49)

The last time the Mariners played Texas, they got swept in a weekend series that sent them reeling in an eleven-game tailspin. Now they're looking to return the favor and close the gap between themselves and third place. I'll never get accused of being a big Jarrod Washburn fan, but you have to think he's got a pretty considerable edge over the FAS baby of Ken Cloude and Aaron Myette. I applaud the Rangers' efforts to give opportunities to the handicapped in a lost season, but you really shouldn't put disadvantaged children like Tejeda in situations where the best they can do is fail miserably.