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Not back to normal quite yet. Moving's a bitch. Fortunately, with Snelling out of the lineup and nobody interesting on the mound, this game's hardly worth reading about anyway.

Biggest Contribution: Raul Ibanez, +6.3%
Biggest Suckfest: Adrian Beltre, -15.8%
Most Important At Bat: Lopez double play, -9.4%
Most Important Pitch: Ordonez homer, -18.6%
Total Contribution by Pitcher(s): -11.9%
Total Contribution by Position Players: -45.2%

(What is this?)

Look, this is what it came down to:

-Nate Robertson needed just 101 pitches to get through seven innings, despite putting ten men on base.

-100 of these were swinging strikes by Adrian Beltre.

-Magglio Ordonez - whose second-half OPS ranked 122nd out of 128 players with at least 175 PA's prior to the game - took Jarrod Washburn deep on an absolutely awful pitch.

-The lineup continued to hack its way out of threat after threat.

-Washburn, frustrated by Detroit's inability to make him pay for all his flyballs, decided that he'd let himself get beat by the likes of Omar Infante and Ramontiago to put it out of reach.

I don't think much more needs to be said. It's easy to look at the current roster and think it looks good on paper going forward, but its appeal is considerably reduced when Beltre is cold, Lopez is colder, Ichiro is coldest, and you realize that the team's on the hook for a $37.5m contract to a #5 pitcher.

There are certain things I'd like to address, but I just don't have the time right now. Tomorrow's game (4:05pm PDT) features a junk-throwing mop-up man miscast as a starter and the guy with the third-lowest xFIP in all of baseball. Guess which one isn't Jake Woods.