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9/3: Open Game Thread

Roster note: likely September call-ups include TJ Bohn, Greg Dobbs, Adam Jones, Francisco Cruceta, Cesar Jimenez, Oswaldo Navarro, Travis Chick, and Ryan Feierabend.

First Pitch: 10:15am PDT


Ichiro CF Zobrist SS Snelling RF Young CF Beltre 3B Crawford DH Ibanez LF Norton RF Sexson DH Wigginton LF Broussard 1B Witt 1B Betancourt SS Cantu 2B Rivera C Upton 3B Ballgame 2B Paul C ---------- ----------

Hernandez (11-12, 4.54)     Stokes (0-0, -.--)

This one snuck up on me. If Felix continues his innings pace over these final three starts, it is mathematically impossible for him to push his ERA under 4.00. That said, he's dominated the Devil Rays both times he's faced them this year, so he can break that pace with a strong effort today.