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9/27: Open Game Thread

First Pitch: 7:05pm PDT


Bocachica CF Ichiro CF Scutaro 2B Beltre 3B Kielty RF Johjima C Swisher LF Ibanez LF Johnson 1B Sexson 1B Melhuse C Broussard "DH" Jimenez SS Lopez 2B Brown DH Snelling RF Perez 3B Betancourt SS ---------- ----------

Windsor (0-1, 5.19)         Meche (11-8, Good Riddance)

The 22nd overall selection of the 1996 amateur draft, Meche has spent his decade in the Mariner organization neither healthy nor effective, requiring more major surgeries (2) than he's had 200-inning seasons (0) or years in Seattle with a sub-4 ERA (1). Despite prevalent tall tales of "awesome stuff" and "ace-like potential," Gil's alleged peak ability hasn't manifested itself for more than innings at a time, and he's one last awful start away from ending his career in the Pacific Northwest with a 5+ FIP. Just 28, there's still time for Gil to figure things out and turn himself into a useful starter, but doing so would require something of an overhaul, because currently he just doesn't have the talent. First-round selection or no, Gil isn't a special pitcher, and odds are strong that he stays that way until washing out of the league for good.

Nobody's going to miss you, Gil. Just throw your five innings and go away and never come back.