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9/26: Open Game Thread

First Pitch: 7:05pm PDT


Kendall C Ballgame "CF" Kielty LF Lopez 2B Bradley RF Beltre 3B Thomas DH Ibanez LF Payton CF Sexson 1B Chavez 3B Broussard "DH" Swisher 1B Betancourt SS Ellis 2B Snelling RF Scutaro SS Doom C ---------- ----------

Harden (3-0, 3.79)          Woods (6-3, 3.88)

About a week ago I downplayed the quality of the A's playoff starting rotation to a friend of mine, with one of the main points being that nobody knew how Rich Harden was going to do when he came off the DL. Then he struck out seven of the 12 Indians he faced in three innings. The good news is that he'll be limited to roughly 75 pitches tonight, meaning the M's should be able to get to Oakland's bullpen if they keep things tied through twelve.