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9/22: Open Game Thread

First Pitch: 5:35pm PDT


Ichiro CF Podzilla LF Beltre 3B Iguchi 2B Johjima C Dye RF Ibanez LF Thome DH Sexson 1B Konerko 1B Broussard DH Pierzynski C Lopez 2B Fields 3B Snelling RF Uribe SS Ballgame SS Anderson CF ---------- ----------

Meche (11-8, 4.34)          Contreras (13-8, 4.08)

A lesson in regression:

Jose Contreras on May 4th:

ERA: 1.43
LD: 8.8%
HR/FB: 3.6%
K/BB: 1.91

Jose Contreras since May 4th:

ERA: 4.96
LD: 17.4%
HR/FB: 9.1%
K/BB: 2.52

Four and a half months ago, Contreras and his trillion-game unbeaten streak were the talk of the country, but his success was completely unsustainable, and his ERA was due for a considerable hike. And hike it has, even though Contreras has arguably been a better pitcher through the summer than he was earlier in the season. As Jake Woods will be able to attest to a year from now, good luck can only last for so long before your true ability starts to shine through.