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9/20: Open Game Thread

First Pitch: 5:05pm PDT


Ichiro CF Matthews CF Beltre 3B Young "SS" Johjima C Teixeira 1B Ibanez LF Lee LF Sexson 1B Blalock DH Broussard DH DeRosa 3B Betancourt SS Kinsler 2B Lopez 2B Laird C Ballgame RF Cruz RF ---------- ----------

Baek (3-1, 3.90)            Tejeda (4-3, 4.58)

From the Yahoo! game preview:

With the bullpen having pitched 7 2-3 innings Tuesday after starter Jarrod Washburn left early with a strained right calf, Seattle is looking for a lengthy outing from Baek (3-1, 3.90 ERA) on Wednesday.