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9/18: Open Game Thread

First Pitch: 5:05pm PDT


Ichiro CF Matthews CF Beltre 3B Young "SS" Johjima C Teixeira 1B Ibanez LF Lee LF Sexson 1B Blalock DH Broussard DH DeRosa 3B Betancourt SS Kinsler 2B Snelling RF Laird C Lopez 2B Cruz RF ---------- ----------

Hernandez (11-13, 4.60)     Millwood (15-10, 4.47)

I don't know why, but games against Texas just bore me to tears. They say fans love home runs, but even when we play in their joke of a stadium I'm still asleep and drooling on myself by the fifth. It doesn't help that I'm all worn out from that scintillating weekend set in Kansas City. As exciting as it was, I guess nothing lasts forever, save for the enduring postulate that Joel Pineiro is the worst pitcher of all time. He's like our own little perpetual motion machine of suck. Anyway.