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9/17: Open Game Thread

First Pitch: 11:10am PDT


Ichiro CF DeJesus LF Beltre 3B German 3B Johjima C Grudzielanek 2B Ibanez LF Brown DH Sexson 1B Shealy 1B Broussard DH Costa RF Betancourt SS Berroa SS Snelling RF Gathright CF Lopez 2B Phillips C ---------- ----------

Meche (10-8, 4.28)          Hernandez (6-9, 6.34)

All of a sudden Ichiro's got five multi-hit games in the last eight days. Eventually people will just stop worrying about his little slumps, but I guess we haven't gotten there yet.

Day game after a night game, which means Rene Rivera'll probably be in the lineup. If Hargrove bats him third I'm going to kill myself dead riding the bench like the awful awful player he is.