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Roster note: Joel Pineiro has been returned to the rotation and will start on Saturday in place of Jake Woods. Adjust your punchlines accordingly.

Against some teams you just have to concede inferiority and be happy with a competitive ballgame.

Biggest Contribution: Ichiro, +23.8%
Biggest Suckfest: Jarrod Washburn, -44.0%
Most Important At Bat: Ichiro homer, +21.0%
Most Important Pitch: Shealy homer #2, -28.8%
Total Contribution by Pitcher(s): -73.6%
Total Contribution by Position Players: +18.6%

(What is this?)

Same start time tomorrow, with Francisco Cruceta making his long-anticipated rotation debut against Luke Hudson, who ranks third all-time in wins by a Luke with 17. Next up: Luke Walker, at 45. Be there and bear witness to this breathtaking pursuit of history.