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9/1: Open Game Thread

First Pitch: 4:15pm PDT


Ichiro CF Baldelli CF Snelling RF Young RF Beltre 3B Crawford LF Ibanez LF Norton DH Sexson 1B Navarro C Broussard DH Cantu 2B Johjima C Witt 1B Lopez 2B Upton 3B Betancourt SS Zobrist SS ---------- ----------

Meche (9-8, 4.56)           Shields (6-6, 4.59)

People who say the Devil Rays will be held back by an inability to develop pitching have obviously never heard of whoever this guy is.


As a heads-up on why this is up so early: as if moving back East this weekend wasn't already going to wreak havoc on the LL schedule, a death in the family has blown everything to hell. Bear with me; it'll be a few days before I'm back to game threads and recaps.