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8/8: Open Game Thread

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First Pitch: 7:05pm PDT


Baldelli CF Ichiro RF Crawford LF Lopez 2B Cantu 2B Beltre 3B Lee 1B Ibanez LF Norton DH Sexson 1B Navarro C Broussard DH Upton 3B Johjima C Branyan RF Betancourt SS Zobrist SS Bloomquist "CF" ---------- ----------

Seo (1-5, 5.23)             Hernandez (10-9, 4.49)

Jae Seo's best eight starts: 50.2 IP, 1.60 RA
Jae Seo's other nine starts: 41 IP, 10.32 RA

This is either going to be a rockin' fun time or another one of those "most frustrating game(s) of the season." Beltre and Sexson are a combined 8-11 against Seo with a pair of homers for their careers, so at least there's some hope for the former.