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8/4: Open Game Thread

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ROSTER UPDATE: Soriano activated, Fruto sent packing. From this point forward, if the M's have a lead after six, the other team might as well call it a night and go home.

First Pitch: 7:05pm PDT


Kendall C Ichiro RF Kotsay 1B Lopez 2B Bradley RF Beltre 3B Thomas DH Ibanez LF Payton CF Sexson 1B Chavez 3B Perez DH Kielty LF Johjima C Scutaro SS Betancourt SS Ellis 2B Bloomquist "CF" ---------- ----------

Zito (11-7, 3.61)           Washburn (5-10, 4.43)

Believe it or not, current Mariners have hit .303 against Zito for his career. The guy's also posting the worst ratios of his career (during his walk season, no less), so there might be reason for hope after all. Or, there would be if he didn't pitch for Oakland, a team whose only advantage over Seattle is that it totally dominates Seattle.

With Oakland's only actual good starter going tomorrow afternoon against Joel Pineiro, tonight might as well be a must-win game if the Mariners want to remain in the division race. The last time the M's won a must-win game: October 14th, 2001.