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8/29: Open Game Thread

First Pitch: 7:05pm PDT


Figgins CF Ichiro CF Izturis 3B Snelling RF Cabrera SS Beltre 3B Guerrero RF Ibanez LF Rivera LF Sexson 1B Anderson "DH" Broussard DH Quinlan 1B Johjima C Kendrick 2B Lopez 2B Napoli C Betancourt SS ---------- ----------

Weaver (9-1, 1.92)          Washburn (7-12, $37.5m)

If Jered Weaver had a few more innings under his belt, his GB% (30.4) would rank third-lowest among qualified starters in all of baseball, between Eric Milton (30.2) and Cliff Lee (32.4). The home runs haven't come yet, but they will, because Weaver's had an unsustainable level of luck keeping the ball in the yard. Oh yeah, he's also had an unsustainable level of luck on balls in play and leaving baserunners stranded. Which all boils down to an unsustainable ERA. Young phenom? He's good, but he's not even the best pitcher on his own team, let alone someone who deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as the guy who shut down the Anaheim lineup last night. Unless you're saying "Jered Weaver is no Felix Hernandez," in which case, yeah, go nuts.