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8/28: Open Game Thread

ROSTER UPDATE: Julio Mateo's done for the year with a broken (left) hand, so say hello to Jon Huber, the guy we picked up from San Diego for Dave Hansen. Standard arm who puts the ball over the plate, misses a few bats, and keeps the infield a little busier than the guys behind him. Not much of a pitcher, but then neither was Mateo, so the team's no worse now than it was a day ago.

First Pitch: 7:05pm PDT


Figgins CF Ichiro CF Izturis 3B Snelling RF Cabrera SS Beltre 3B Guerrero RF Ibanez LF Anderson "DH" Sexson 1B Rivera LF Broussard DH Kendrick 1B Johjima C Kennedy 2B Lopez 2B Molina C Ballgame SS ---------- ----------

Escobar (9-11, 3.87)        Hernandez (10-12, 4.81)

Same old story:

Felix ERA: 4.81
Escobar ERA: 3.87

Felix xFIP: 3.70
Escobar xFIP: 4.27

And just for good measure, Weaver xFIP: 4.51

It's nice to have the best starting pitcher in the division.