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8/27: Open Game Thread

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ROSTER UPDATE: Bohn demoted, Morse recalled. TJ'll be back in a week.

First Pitch: 1:05pm PDT


Crisp "CF" Ichiro CF Loretta 1B Snelling RF Ortiz DH Beltre 3B Youkilis LF Ibanez LF Lowell 3B Sexson DH Hinske RF Broussard 1B Pedroia 2B Betancourt SS Lopez C Rivera C Cora SS Ballgame 2B ---------- ----------

Snyder (3-2, 6.23)          Baek (0-0, 5.40)

A win today gives Seattle a guaranteed winning record against the AL East on the year, and its first home sweep of Boston since 1989. If I'd have known back in April that I'd be writing that in an August game thread, I'd think the team was actually competing. Huh.