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8/24: Open Game Thread

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First Pitch: 7:05pm PDT


Damon CF Ichiro CF Jeter "SS" Ballgame 3B Abreu "RF" Lopez 2B Giambi DH Sexson 1B Posada C Perez DH Cano 2B Johjima C Cabrera LF Betancourt SS Wilson 1B Bohn RF Green 3B Snelling LF ---------- ----------

Johnson (14-9, 4.98)        Washburn (6-12, 4.43)

Remember when people accused Randy of tanking on purpose in 1998 to force a trade?

ERA With Seattle: 4.33
ERA With Houston: 1.28

xFIP With Seattle: 3.09
xFIP With Houston: 2.62

Yeah, that was cute.