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8/23: Open Game Thread

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First Pitch: 7:05pm PDT


Damon CF Ichiro CF Jeter "SS" Snelling RF Abreu "RF" Beltre 3B Giambi DH Sexson 1B Posada C Ibanez LF Cano 2B Lopez 2B Cabrera LF Broussard DH Wilson 1B Betancourt SS Green 3B Rivera "C" ---------- ----------

Wang (14-5, 3.86)           Hernandez (10-11, 4.50)

Welcome to Groundball Theater. Outfielders need not apply.

Among qualified starters, Chien-Ming Wang has the lowest strikeout rate in baseball. And yet, he's got an ERA under four and an FIP of 4.15. And how does he accomplish this? By keeping two-thirds of the balls in play he allows on the ground. The Yankees don't have a strong infield defense by any means, but it's remarkably simple to avoid much damage when the worst anyone can do to you is hit a single.