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8/19: Open Game Thread

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First Pitch: 7:05pm PDT


Ichiro rf Figgins cf Lopez 2b Izturis 3b Beltre 3b Cabrera ss Ibanez lf Guerrero rf Sexson 1b Rivera lf Johjima c Anderson dh Broussard dh Quinlan 1b Betancourt ss Kendrick 2b Jones! cf Napoli c ---------- ---------- Washburn (6-11, 4.30) Lackey (10-9, 3.35)

For the record, Jeff confirmed with me that this is all an exercise in him attempting to make the blogosphere smaller by breaking my spirit by forcing me to watch the Angels.

In yesterday's wrapup, I mentioned that John Lackey's had abnormally bad luck against the Mariners this year (splits), and Washburn's had abnormally good luck against the Angels (splits), so even though this may look like a matchup that favors the Angels, it may actually be skewed the other way.  Alternately, Lackey's bad luck and J-Rod's good luck may be about to run out.

At least Willie isn't in leadoff today. Heck, he's not even starting. That's a move in the right direction.