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I just realized that I don't know how to generate Win Expectancy charts, and Fangraphs doesn't have one up yet for today, and it wouldn't look like a game summary without one, so I just used yesterday's chart and added a new picture.  Do you think anyone will notice?

Biggest contribution: Richie Sexson?
Biggest Suckfest: Raul Ibanez?
Most Important At Bat: Orlando Cabrera's sac fly?
Most Important Pitch: Vladdy's double off Lowe?
Total Contribution by Bloomquist: 0%
Total Contribution by Snelling: 0%

(I blame Derek)

I have to admit that I decided to go out and run some errands once the Mariners were down 2-0, which is what I've done most other nights this week as well.  I set the VCR to tape the rest of the game, except I put in the wrong tape, and it ran out of space.  The tape cut out literally right after Vladimir Guerrero's huge RBI double.  As far as I can tell, I really didn't miss much after that anyway.  The only real downside of this is that I didn't get home in time to see Chris Snelling get an actual at-bat.

Anyway, because I have no actual data to go on, let me tell you why the above were my picks:

I picked Richie because he was 2-for-3 with a walk and he actually scored a run.  It was really a tossup between him and Johjima, since Johjima got the only real RBI on the team, and he scored the other run.  The argument against Johjima was that he looked pretty silly chucking that ball into centerfield off the Cabrera sac fly.  I feel bad for him, because in theory, it was actually great quick thinking to realize that he wasn't going to make the play at the plate and to go for the play at second, but in practice, I don't think he could have gotten it there in time, and Izturis probably should have ended up at third off the misthrow.

I picked Ibanez because every starter got a hit tonight except Raul and Willie.  The thing is, we don't really expect Willie to get a hit, but we do sort of expect it from Raul.  

Vlad's double off Lowe certainly seems like it knocked the Mariners' percentages of winning down a decent amount. Did any of you really think they had a chance in hell after that?

Rafael Soriano gets major style points for striking out the side in the 8th, and Jamie Moyer should probably get a decent amount of credit for staying out there as long as he did and keeping the Mariners in the game for most of it.  I was really hoping he'd get the win today just because 7-11 sounds a lot cooler than 6-12.  You know, Slurpees and stuff.

Mark Lowe now has an ERA above zero (1.02).  Poor guy.

It's been five hours and the Mariners' official website STILL has a headline up that says "Mariners reinstate outfielder Ian Snelling from 15-day disabled list".  Maybe that's why he wasn't starting tonight?  Hargrove yelled down, "Hey Ian!  Are you ready to play centerfield tonight?" and when he got no response, being as Chris probably doesn't answer to Ian, figured, "Damn, the kid's deaf.  Better put Willie out there."

Tomorrow night, King Felix faces off against Jered Weaver, who still has yet to be pinned with a loss this year.  Given the way the Mariners' offense has been lately, it's unlikely he'll get one this time either.