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8/16: Open Game Thread

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Roster Note: O'Flaherty up, Dobbs down. For one night and one night only, the Mariners have a lucky 13-man pitching staff. If you can't beat the A's with talent, beat them with superstition.

And so, we come back to the only Mariners pitcher to win a game against Oakland this year, as the A's faithful prepare for another rousing chorus of "BROOM! HERE COMES THE BROOM!"

Ready or not:

First Pitch: 7:05pm PDT


Ichiro RF Kendall C Lopez 2B Kotsay CF Beltre 3B Bradley RF Ibanez LF Thomas DH Perez DH Chavez 3B Broussard 1B Payton LF Johjima C Swisher 1B Betancourt SS Scutaro SS Ballgame "CF" Ellis 2B ---------- ---------- Meche (9-7, 4.58) Haren (10-9, 3.58)

Meche: "Okay, guys, we're going to break this curse tonight.  Did you get everything I asked you to?"
Washburn: "Yeah, I went and hunted down a rabbit and cut off its foot."
Broussard: "I picked up a heads-up penny on the ground this morning and saved it for you."
Woods: "I drove out to a ranch and got some horseshoes."
Green: "I found a four-leaf clover!"
Johjima: "Meche-san, I bought you omamori from Shinto shrine."
Lowe: "I ripped the number 7 off of one of my jerseys."
Bloomquist: "I brought Fifi, my cat."
Washburn: "That's not a good luck charm!"
Meche: "Willie, you moron, that's a black cat!"
Bloomquist: "I also brought a mirror with me, but it broke when I tripped over a crack in the sidewalk going under a ladder on the way here."
Everyone: "AAUUUUGGGGHHHH!!"  [runs out of the clubhouse]