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8/15: Open Game Thread

I'm posting the game thread super-early, because that way Jeff gets to leave for the evening without worrying about there being a proper game thread.  Whether or not there's a proper game, well, that's another story.

First Pitch: 7:05pm PDT


Ichiro RF Kendall C Lopez 2B Kotsay CF Beltre 3B Bradley RF Ibanez LF Thomas DH Broussard 1B Chavez 3B Johjima C Payton LF Dobby "DH" Swisher 1B Betancourt SS Scutaro SS Ballgame "CF" Ellis 2B ---------- ---------- Pineiro (7-10, 5.91) Saarloos (4-6, 4.89)

I know a bunch of A's fans are annoyed with me for making up the word "Hardenfreude" to describe the feeling of getting to face random fifth starters while Rich Harden's on the DL, but it seems appropriate for tonight's game.  At least this saves us having to face Joe Blanton again.

On the other hand, as if these matchups weren't already looking like a bunch of bad reruns, Pineiro and Saarloos already faced off a few months ago, and the results weren't so great for the Mariners.  It did lead to that infamous team meeting which sparked the team to go out and win a few games, though, so who knows.