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8/14: Open Game Thread

Roster Note: Sexson --> bereavement list. Mike Morse has been recalled to take his place on the roster, and while I don't want to imply anything, I wouldn't be opposed to he and Pineiro sitting next to each other in the dugout or on or on the flight back to Seattle on Wednesday.

First Pitch: 7:05pm PDT


Ichiro RF Kendall C Lopez 2B Kielty LF Beltre 3B Bradley RF Ibanez LF Thomas DH Perez DH Chavez 3B Johjima C Payton CF Broussard 1B Swisher 1B Betancourt SS Scutaro SS Ballgame "CF" Ellis 2B ---------- ----------

Washburn (6-11, 4.26)       Zito (12-8, 3.73)

Jarrod Washburn, Mike Hargrove, and the rest of the Mariners walk into a bar. Stunned, the bartender asks, "what'll it be?" "We'll have a thirteenth consecutive loss to Oakland," replies Washburn. "On me."

Wait, that's not funny. That's not even a joke.


Let's go Mariners.