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Roberto Petagine DFA'd

Up comes the execrable Luis Oliveros from AA to back up Rene Rivera while Kenji Johjima visits his family in Japan.

Unless I'm missing something, we just dumped Petagine for a terrible non-prospect who'll only be around - as a backup - for one or two games.

Whatever. It's not like he was getting any action here anyway. There's just no room for that kind of player on a team whose everyday DH has a .683 OPS and an insatiable appetite for first-pitch curveballs in the dirt.

Update: Dave immediately makes all of us feel better with some happy news - DFA'ing Petagine makes room for Chris Snelling to come up and take Everett's job for the second half of the year. So that's pretty neat.

There may be hope for this season yet.