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7/8: Open Game Thread

First Pitch: 7:05pm PDT


Infante CF                  Ichiro DH Polanco 2B                  Beltre 3B Rodriguez C                 Lopez 2B Ordonez RF                  Ibanez LF Guillen SS                  Sexson 1B Monroe DH                   Everett "RF" Thames LF                   Johjima C Shelton 1B                  Bloomquist "CF" Inge 3B                     Betancourt SS

----------                  ----------

Miner (5-1, 2.68)           Washburn (4-8, 4.75)

According to The Hardball Times, Detroit's infield has turned 49 more outs on balls in play than expected, tops in the AL. In second place, Boston, at +19. Going strictly by these numbers and ignoring the beneficial effect this has on the confidence of the pitching staff, that's a difference of about three wins over a league-average defensive infield, which is huge when you consider that the White Sox are hot on their tail.

(Seattle's at +16.)