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Guardado to the Reds


As Tim and MFaninAlaska pointed out, Eddie Guardado and cash has been dealt to the Reds for RHP Travis Chick.

Chick's star has faded markedly since the end of 2004 when most thought he would be a quality starter with just a bit more polish. Since then, Chick has been inconsistent and gets roughed up more than you'd like to see from someone who was held in such high regard. Still, he only just turned 22 and he there's no indication he's lost any velocity or nastiness off his slider, so there's hope.

As for Guardado, see you later. His role tailed off to near nothingness in Seattle after losing his job to the infallible JJ Putz and he wasn't going to get much of a chance to take it back. He's been bad and losing him doesn't hurt the pen any that I can see. It opens up a spot, so I'm sure we'll see some kind of follow-up move soon.