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Open Trade Deadline Thread

Because everybody loves rumor-mongering and speculation.

It's been pretty slow so far (like usual), but with Abreu, Lidle, and Belliard getting dealt within the past few hours, things might be opening up. Miguel Tejada's the biggest name on the market, but the Red Sox will be looking for someone to counter the Yankees' acquisition of an impact bat, so stay tuned.

As for the Mariners, they've already addressed the biggest weakness on the roster, but they could still do a little tweaking - a multi-inning reliever would be nice, as would a competent fourth outfielder. Maybe a CF if they decide that Jones isn't their man for 2006. The obvious fantasy is that Bavasi's somehow able to track down a #3 starter without giving up too much, but that looks pretty unlikely, especially given Joel's recent spell of effectiveness. Gil Meche isn't going anywhere unless the Mariners get wowed, which they won't.

It probably won't be a crazy deadline - it never is - but I still look forward to it every year like it's Christmas.

Less than 23 hours to go.