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7/25: Open Game Thread

*NOTE:* server trouble's back. We've got people working on it, so bear with us in the meantime.

First Pitch: 7:05pm PDT


Johnson CF Ichiro RF Catalanotto LF Beltre 3B Overbay 1B Lopez 2B Glaus 3B Ibanez LF Zaun C Sexson 1B Hinske RF Everett "DH" Molina DH Johjima C Hill 2B Betancourt SS McDonald SS Jones CF ---------- ----------

Halladay (12-2, 3.08)       Meche (9-4, 3.83)

Roy Halladay - yet another testament to the power of groundballs. His strikeouts are down to a pedestrian 13.9% on the season, but because he's keeping three balls on the ground for every one in the air, he's standing with the eighth-best FIP in the American League.

As good as he is, though, we just knocked him around a week ago, so there's reason for hope.