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7/23: Open Game Thread

First Pitch: 1:05pm PDT


Youkilis 1B Ichiro RF Loretta 2B Bloomquist 2B Ortiz DH Beltre 3B Ramirez LF Ibanez LF Varitek C Sexson 1B Lowell 3B Perez DH Crisp CF Johjima C Kapler RF Betancourt SS Gonzalez SS Jones CF ---------- ----------

Lester (5-0, 2.38)          Washburn (4-10, 4.41)

Lester ERA: 2.38
Lester FIP: 4.55
Lester xFIP: 5.12

From his walk rate to his BABIP to his HR/FB% to his LOB% to his groundball ratio, Lester's got pretty much all the indications that his ERA is deceiving and due for a spike. That he's left-handed means we won't be seeing said spike this afternoon, but it'll come eventually.