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Injury News

Jeremy Reed broke his thumb diving after Brad Hawpe's bloop double, and will probably be out for at least 4-6 weeks. This leaves the active roster with the minimum three outfielders, meaning that another move is on the imminent horizon, be it a trade for an everyday center fielder who actually helps the team win (imagine that) or the promotion of Shin-soo Choo, Chris Snelling, or even Mike Morse to man a corner. Here's the problem with the second option, though - none of the three are good defensive center fielders, and we know that Ichiro isn't going to shift, so in all likelihood we'd be looking at Willie Ballgame in center everyday with the promoted player sitting on the bench until Reed comes back. That's stupid. Also, no, Adam Jones isn't ready. I suppose you could see Choo plugged into the regular lineup, as he's recently been playing a lot of CF for Tacoma, but that'd be worrisome at the best of times, and disastrous at the worst.

Sean Green's back is hurting, meaning that we could see the thirtieth Green/Fruto swap of the season any day now.

Rafael Soriano has been unavilable for a few days due to a sore shoulder. That he's still on the roster instead of the DL is encouraging, because it suggests that the team thinks he'll be ready to return in less than two weeks, but at the same time we've seen this story play out time and time again with talented Mariner pitchers, so be wary. Soriano has been throwing a lot of pitches, and he's got a bit of a medical history, so I'd wait until either (A) he gets a negative MRI or (B) he throws a few 94mph fastballs in a game before blowing this off as a minor issue. Again though, just like with Reed, the upside here is that Bavasi should be feeling even more pressure to go find us another strikeout reliever, which we've needed all season long. So there's that to look forward to.