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7/15: Open Game Thread

First Pitch: 1:07pm PDT


Ichiro RF                   Johnson LF Beltre 3B                   Hill 2B Lopez 2B                    Wells CF Ibanez LF                   Glaus 3B Sexson 1B                   Overbay 1B Everett DH                  Molina C Johjima C                   Hinske RF Betancourt SS               Mottola DH Jones CF                    McDonald SS

----------                  ----------

Moyer (5-8, 3.50)           Halladay (12-2, 2.92)

I just wrote that Mariner lineup before actually checking to see if it's right.

Roy Halladay's really good, and Roy Halladay's really quick. At least this afternoon's probable misery should be short-lived excruciatingly long.