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6/5: Open Game Thread

First Pitch: 7:05pm PDT


DeJesus CF Ichiro RF Graffanino 2B Beltre 3B Mientkiewicz 1B Lopez 2B Sanders RF Ibanez LF Stairs DH Sexson 1B Costa LF Everett DH Teahen 3B Johjima C Berroa SS Reed CF Buck C Betancourt SS ---------- ----------

Wood (3-0, 5.12)            Meche (4-4, 4.87)

Mike Wood has a 5.92 xFIP despite one of the lowest line drive percentages in all of baseball (15.0%). Long story short, even crappy players get lucky. Gil Meche is a pitcher, which means he has a 1-in-3 chance of shutting out the Royals tonight, but he also stands a 2-in-3 chance of looking like Gil Meche, in which case this could turn out to be the most depressing series split of all time.