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6/29: Open Game(s) Thread

UPDATE: the Seattle Mariners are now tied for second place.

First Pitch: 6:40pm PDT


Ichiro RF Counsell SS Beltre 3B Byrnes CF Lopez 2B Tracy 3B Ibanez LF Jackson 1B Sexson 1B Gonzalez LF Johjima C Green RF Reed CF Hudson 2B Betancourt SS Snyder C Meche P Gonzalez P ---------- ----------

Meche (7-4, 3.94)           Gonzalez (2-1, 4.65)

Starting this one early in case people want to discuss the Texas and Oakland games, which will begin any minute. With Jason Schmidt and Jake Peavy going up against our main competition, things could look even rosier in three hours than they do right now.