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5/6: Open Game Thread

First Pitch: 6:05pm PDT


Sizemore CF Ichiro RF Michaels LF Bloomquist CF Peralta DH Ibanez LF Martinez C Sexson 1B Broussard 1B Everett DH Blake RF Beltre 3B Belliard 2B Johjima C Vazquez SS Lopez 2B Boone 3B Betancourt SS ----------                  ----------

Lee (2-2, 3.31)             Pineiro (3-2, 4.26)

The Mariners will either be the 23rd team to win its 13th game, or the fourth team to lose its 20th. So, yeah. Not really sure what else to say about that.

Today's random factoid: according to the Hardball Times, the Mariners have had the second-best infield defense in the AL this year (+11 runs), but third-worst outfield defense (-7 runs). In other words, Betancourt rules and Ibanez doesn't.


P.S. - please let us know about LL Night, if you haven't already.