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5/4: Open Game Thread

First Pitch: 11:05am PDT


Ichiro RF Podsednik LF Lopez 2B Iguchi 2B Ibanez LF Thome DH Everett DH Konerko 1B Petagine 1B Pierzynski C Beltre 3B Crede 3B Lawton CF Mackowiak CF Rivera C Uribe SS Betancourt SS Gload RF ---------- ----------

Hernandez (1-3, 5.06)       Contreras (4-0, 1.45)

Fun with small sample flukes:

Jose Contreras ERA: 1.45
Jose Contreras FIP: 3.67
Jose Contreras xFIP: 5.01

I'm just not buying someone with a league-average GB/FB ratio and a strikeout rate around four per nine innings as a terrific pitcher. That said, expect to hear otherwise at least three dozen times during today's broadcast.

Also, Felix!