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5/31: Open Game Thread

First Pitch: 11:05am PDT


Ichiro RF Matthews Jr. CF Beltre 3B Young SS Lopez 2B Teixeira 1B Ibanez LF Blalock DH Sexson DH Mench RF Johjima C Wilkerson LF Bloomquist CF DeRosa 3B Morse 1B Jimenez 2B Betancourt SS Barajas C ---------- ----------

Hernandez (3-6, 5.59)       Koronka (4-2, 4.06)

Here's to all of us looking back on Felix's last start as something of a turning point. But even if that doesn't happen, hey, at least this is almost certainly going to be the end of the Mike Hargrove Era in Seattle. That's something to celebrate.